House MD Season 8 DVD Box Set

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I have been hooked on this show and I very like the main character for House MD Season 8 DVD. He is a protagonist specializing in infectious diseases and kidney diseases. He leads his medical team dedicated to solve various incurable diseases and diagnose for the patient who other hospitals or departments can not make a diagnosis of. In addition, House MD Season 8 DVD Box Set also tells a lot of things that happened in the House doctor and his team and the working life stories of colleagues, including friendships, feelings and so on.
    The House's medical team has three excellent young doctors. One of the three Neurologists, Taylor is the most dare one to express his opinions to confront the ideas of House’s crew. In this case, it easily is developed that he had the ideas and actions that he wanted to leave the House’s team.

The main immunological Alison, as the only woman of the medical team, who once felt indignant that she was employed due to her excellent appearance. At times, she does some things due to her superior sense of justice and morality that always make House and other colleagues have an objectionable feeling. Chase who is a heart and emergency department physician, always speaking in an Australian accent, with a long blond hair, is the object who is bullied by House all the time. But Chase’s character is very coward; she is almost one who is docile and obedient to House. Cuddy is not only a medical director of Princeton University affiliated hospital, but also is an executive of the entire hospital. The women’s tenacity makes her able to control this hospital to be better. Cuddy and House never stop quarreling with each other, but she also sincerely believes that House is the most wonderful doctor in this hospital.

All in all, this show has many excellent actors. I love all characters in this show and I support them and this House MD Season 8 DVD for ever.